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Researchers from Northwestern University developed the First Artificial Intelligence AI System to Date that can Intelligently Design Robots from Scratch

Singularity: Here’s When Humanity Will Reach It, New Data Shows To claim a priori that nonbiological systems simply can’t be intelligent or conscious (because they are “just algorithms,” for example) seems arbitrary, rooted in untestable spiritual beliefs. By contrast, frontier language models can perform competently at pretty much any information task that can be done…
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NFX’s Generative Tech Open Source Market Map

Wizeline Introduces Gen AI Map of Top 50 AI Tools on the Market In addition, this content may include third-party advertisements; a16z has not reviewed such advertisements and does not endorse any advertising content contained therein. Sign up for news and resources to navigate the world of B2B technology, from AI and data, to security…
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OpenAI GPT-5: Release Date, Features, AGI Rumors, Speculations, and More

GPT-4: All about the latest update, and how it changes ChatGPT While some see it as potentially concerning for programmers, my company is considering allowing candidates to use it in interviews since they’ll be expected to utilize it on the job. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 «passes a simulated bar exam with a score around the…
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